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About us

As a result of the growing number of taxes we pay, the level of complexity in our national tax legislation grows accordingly.  In response to this, enter Twomey Moran – a boutique taxation firm that caters specifically for the needs of wealthy families and individuals.

We advise our clients on all aspects of tax compliance, while also formulating the most tax-efficient strategies around one-off transactions or longer-term issues such as succession and retirement.

This puts us at the very heart of our clients’ business and personal affairs and demands a relationship of enormous trust and mutual respect.  It goes without saying that, because confidentiality is paramount in our business, we never disclose to anyone who our clients are.

We look to earn that trust by delivering an exceptional level of discreet, professional and highly personal service – allied to providing the most commercially robust taxation strategies and solutions.

We also enjoy similarly lasting relationships with our own people and look to foster an environment where performance excellence and personal commitment are valued highly.

This allows us to retain staff to a degree that is pretty much unheard of in our business, providing a continuum of client knowledge and understanding that is at the very core of our business.

The out-take of all of this is brilliantly simple. If you’re an individual or a family with significant taxation liabilities, we should be talking to each other. Because no other taxation specialist in our market offers the same mix of service excellence, technical knowledge and value for money.

We look forward to meeting you!